MLA's Desk

I'm very proud to see that the website of Digambarpur Gram Panchayet as I've go an opportunity to serve in this Panchayet as an administrator. Over the period, works in the panchayet have been pro-public and fast paced. To up keep that speed, Digambarpur Gram Panchayet has kept it self at a respecteble position. To meterilized socity based plantation, in the financial year 2014-15, it has planted over a lakh plants. When these plans grows, it is going to reduce air pollution and increase oxyzen lavel in the air. Thus, it will make the panchayet a place enriched with natural beuty.

To empower women, the panchayet has kept Swarnajayanti groups active ,  by preparing women for the jobs that makes them self-employed and self-dependant. Also it organizes seminars for the teneage boys and girls.

- Samir Kumar Jana, MLA